How It Works

Cash for Car Quotes provides Car owners with a fast and convenient way to shop for a Car buyer they'd like to sell their Car to, for a price that they accept. Our Australian network of Car buyers are in every Australian city, and ready to buy your Car today.

Our quote system is the easiest way to connect to the top Car removal companies in your local area that pay the best cash for your Car.

For Car Owners

1. Complete our "Get a Quote" form that asks for the details of your Car. When filling out the description of the Car, please be as accurate as possible, such as issues with the Car, dents, and dings, totaled, scrap condition, modifications, etc. This will ensure that our Car buyers make accurate quotes for your Car. 

2. We quickly submit the information to our network of buyers and within minutes we will have the top 5 cash quotes ready for you to shop and compare. 

3. Like an offer, then simply click and let the company know that you are ready to sell your Car, truck, van, Ute, Jeep, 4x4, SUV, bus or motorcycle. 

Our network of Car buyers provide free local pickups, so you don't have to leave your location to have your Car sold. Each is also a cash sale, so you get instant cash for your Car, anywhere in Australia.

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